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Guru's Monday Evening Hack

The Phamtoms and Major Warriors have stunned top three opponents to continue their heated pursuit of finals action to the final round of the season. The Brawlers and Nexus were upended by the desperation of their opponents which saw the Warriors hold fifth, but with the Phamtoms in hot pursuit. The Slugs’ loss to the Marvels mean the St. Kilda team must win their final match, or hope one of the Warriors or Phamtoms lose, to ensure they play finals; but the McAvanean win was not enough given the upsets elsewhere, and although the Marvels leapt from last place this week, and may yet climb further, the title defence is now officially over. Also over is the Magpies’ hopes despite another win over the Sons of God, who fell to tenth. Finally, the Coat Hangers win over the Convicts has ended their season, but with a huge PF gap between Nexus and the Hangers and Brawlers, next week really is about fourth and fifth.

Inter-League Update - Champions League

The Blue Flames may be out of contention for the CL Semis, but they are having plenty to say about who gets through. Their stunning 0.5 win over the Major Warriors denied Dan’s attempt to seal their spot, and combined with the narrow Coat Hangers win over the Brawlers mean the Major Warriors-Brawlers encounter will be a winner take all showdown. Alternatively, the Coat Hangers only need to beat the Blue Flames now to qualify – but should the Flames pull another upset, then both the Majors and Brawlers would likely progress. In the other Group, the Titans win over Nexus combined with a Scorpions victory over the Chargers means the Titans are the first team to qualify for the Semis. The Scorpions are in the box seat for the second spot with a win and PF advantage, but do have to take on the Titans, while Nexus play the winless Chargers. For Nexus to steal the final spot they need to get the likely win, hope the Titans win too, and then the game within the game will be the Nexus-Scorpions PF comparison, where Nexus must outscore the Scorpions by 11.


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