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Guru's Monday Evening Hack

Nexus have done what everyone expected and claimed their record-breaking fourth SL Premiership with a comfortable victory over the Ruck-less Brawlers. It was not a Grand Final for the ages, given the limitations faced by Bill, but given he had to fight the fight with a man down his team acquitted themselves well.

Nexus, led by Matt Crouch, Jeremy Howe and Billy Longer, were too solid all round despite the huge efforts of Brad Crouch, Jack Steele, Steven May and Tom Mitchell. The Brawlers will be desperate to bounce back in 2018 after such a stellar effort his year was marred by injury in its conclusion. But for Nexus it was a deserved title that broke their four year gap after the Marvels and Saints both went back to back in the interim since Nexus’ 2011-2012 double. The quest for Nexus now must be to finally deliver a long longed for Champions League title to Cameron Baker; the one missing trophy from his otherwise bountiful collection.


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