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Semi Finals

    1st Semi Final                
  Blue Flames         Southern Titans  @  Beaconsfield Oval   Blue Flames   Southern Titans
Key Forward Brodie Smith   15.0 vs Key Forward Joe Daniher   13.5   IN Brodie Smith IN Daniel Menzel
Forward Jack Silvagni   6.5 Forward Daniel Menzel   6.5     Jack Silvagni    
Centre Liam Shiels   13.0 Centre Tom Mitchell   35.0     Liam Shiels    
Midfield Marc Murphy   21.0 Midfield Dustin Martin   13.0     Andrew McGrath    
Midfield Trent Cotchin   11.0 Midfield Lachie Hunter   18.0          
Rover Andrew McGrath   11.0 Rover Dom Tyson   12.0          
Tagger Hugh Greenwood   2.0 Tagger Scott Selwood   26.0   OUT Tom J Lynch OUT Tom T Lynch
Back Michael Hurley   12.0 Back Jasper Pittard   8.0     Jarrad Waite    
Key Back Sam Docherty   16.0 Key Back Alex Rance   7.0     Mitch Duncan    
Ruck Stefan Martin   17.0 Ruck Sam Jacobs   13.0     Lachie Neale    
Bench       Bench                
Total   124.5 Total   152.0          
    2nd Semi Final                
  Natas Adulterers         Surrey Scorpions  @  Asmodeus' Lair     Natas Adulterers   Surrey Scorpions
Key Forward Lance Franklin   21.0 vs Key Forward Toby Greene   12.0   IN Josh Jenkins IN Toby Greene
Forward Josh Jenkins   10.0 Forward Josh Bruce   3.5     Nick Haynes   Jeremy McGovern
Centre Rory Laird   27.0 Centre Matt Crouch   35.0          
Midfield Bryce Gibbs   13.0 Midfield Jake Lloyd   15.0          
Midfield Dayne Zorko   9.0 Midfield Aaron Hall   19.0          
Rover Mitch Wallis   8.0 Rover Luke Dahlhaus   13.0          
Tagger Brad Ebert   8.0 Tagger Andrew Swallow   26.0   OUT Jack Redpath OUT Tom Hawkins
Back Zach Tuohy   4.0 Back Bachar Houli   4.0     Nat Fyfe   Robbie Tarrant
Key Back Nick Haynes   21.0 Key Back Jeremy McGovern   15.0          
Ruck Todd Goldstein   11.0 Ruck Patrick Ryder   15.5          
Bench       Bench                
Total   132.0 Total   158.0          


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