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Original League



Doozers, Coyotes, Deliver Big Wins To Reinforce Top 3

The two teams who played off in last year's Grand Final were dealt all but fatal blows to their 2014 campaigns this week as the Doozers and Coyotes all but clinched top three places with a pair a courageous wins.   ...   [Live Scores]

Super League

Saints Back On Top After Marvels Make Top Three Move

There's no getting around that the Marvels have looked awful the past two weeks as they surrendered their top three place to the Phamtoms, but their comprehensive win over the Coat Hangers has them back in contention and has opened the door to the Saints title defense as they reclaimed first.   ...   [Live Scores]



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Last Updated:   Friday, 18 July 2014 09:43 PM