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Original League



Titans Topple Leprechauns To Stay Within Reach

Only one team has won more games since the MSD than the Southern Titans. And after the Royboys and Blue Flames knocked off Natas and the Dingoes respectively, the Titans are only one more upset, and a string of other results, away from the most unlikeliest of finals runs.  ...   [Final Scores]

Super League

Delight Clinch Finals While Marvels, Magpies & Nexus Fight For Fifth

There were some massive games this week, with some things being decided and others thrown into limbo. But the Delight-Magpies clash was HUGE, ugly and close. In the end though the Delight have qualified for their first finals.   ...   [Final Scores]



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Last Updated:   Sunday, 27 July 2014 11:39 PM