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Original League



Natasí Perfect August As Blue Boys Go Down In Flames

It wasnít a bad performance by the Blue Flames, but as they found when they faced Natas three weeks ago, 150+ is not enough when facing the Adulterers this August. In what will go down as one of the most superb August efforts, the Adulterers have claimed a record sixth Premiership after a mediocre regular season was followed by an irresistible Finals series   ...   [Final Scores]

Super League

Marvels Complete The Double With Another Grand Final Thumping

Last year the Marvels smashed a franchise who had never made a Grand Final. This year, history repeated as the pumped up McAvaneans put aside the disappointment of their Semi Final loss to inflict a brutal loss on the Convicts whose fine season will end without silverware   ...   [Final Scores]


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