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Round 17 Preview:  Two Rounds To Go & Nexus Drop Star for Rookie

The race for the finals is well and truley on, especailly in the Super League were nearly all positions can move around. In a dramatic turn of events the Nexus Manager, Cameron Baker, has dropped star Jeremy Cameron.

"This is the round we have been waiting for. It's the round where team Nexus, in what some may say is a move reminiscent of the Demon's in 2009, have decided to drop the man coming second in the colman medal race for a prospective draft pick taken about 5 rounds too high who has only played 4 games of footy ever and has been suffering from a long term injury for the last 17 odd rounds. But on the other hand, GWS are playing Freemantle in WA. The future superstar forward of the club makes way for the future superstar forward of the club."

Steve is away this week, so there wont be a write up on Sunday night post the completion of the games
Original League Round 17 Final Scores Super League Round 17 Final Scores


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Last Updated:   Sunday, 02 August 2015 08:55 PM