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Original League



Prelim Final Week:   Natas Machine Firing Up

There's no doubt that the pressure is on the Blue Flames this week with a number of massive outs. The last thing you want going into the Prelim Final week, against the reigning premiers, is missing players like Cameron, Hurley, Selwood, Lynch and unfortunately the list goes on. On the flip side Natas are hitting form at the right time, Swallow showed last week that he's not done and with Ryder putting up massive numbers each week - Natas are almost certainly going to face the Titans next week, in the big dance.   ...   [Final Scores]

Super League

Prelim Final Week:   Battle Of The Office

As was discussed on the podcast earlier this week, the Brawlers were premiership favourites after the first 10 rounds and since then they have been on a downward trend. The loss of Sandilands and then Witts has been a massive hole for Bill's team to try and fill, but with the Mitchell still pulling in some big numbers he'll hope this will inspire the rest of the team. The Warriors have been solid over the past few weeks but the loss of Viney and Redpath could give the Brawlers the sniff they needed.   ...   [Final Scores]

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AFR 109:  Doing The Double
It's been a couple of weeks since Steve and I sat down and chatted about the AFR, a little be has happened since then. We take a look at the Semi Final games as well as the Cup games where Thomas Pham was able to do the double in the STANDA and AFR Cups. While talking about the cups Steve also refreshes my memory on "HaslebyGate".   [Listen]

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