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Original League



Round 17:   Doozers and Dingoes Set For Final Round Showdown

It was a weekend full of matches of huge consequence. With an intricately close top seven involved in four crucial encounters, almost anything could happen. But it was last year's Grand Finalists who stood up under pressure to keep their finals hopes alive, and now as a result have set up a huge final round Grand Final replay   ...   [more]

Super League

Round 17:   Convicts End Phamtom Dreams, Sons Stun Warriors

It seemed as though the Major Warriors had already earned the minor premiership through their charmed and incredible seven match win streak that included the Marvels' scalp, and ending the Convicts' eight match win streak last week. But alas, they somehow have conspired to lose to the 2-14 Sons of God, and the critical Convicts win over the desperate Phamtoms means that Ashy is again ascendant   ...   [more]


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