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Original League



Round 6:  Top Spot Up For Grabs  

The top five play the bottom five this week as those who are outside get perhaps a last chance to try and infiltrate the early leading pack. The biggest games will be the Scorpions trying to topple the Blue Flames, and the defending champion Natas trying to take down the Chargers. The Wild Cards, Saints and Dingoes will be clutching at straws this week as they try and register their second wins; but the form of the Doozers, Titans and Heroes make that seem unlikely.   ...   [Final Scores]

Super League

Round 6:  Can The Marvels Break The Duck?

The two best chances to infiltrate the top five will get their chance at the most vulnerable this week as the Magpies and Nexus try to shut the door on the Sons of God and Major Warriors respectively. Meanwhile the shift from 2016 to 2017 will be apparent when the Slugs take on the Marvels, and the Coat Hangers the Convicts, both as clear favourites over last year’s Grand Finalists. And finally, can the Phamtoms’ losing streak and the Brawlers’ winning streak cross over? Or will it be more of the same?    ...   [Final Scores]
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Episode 95: Warriors Have A Huge Call To Make
Round 5 is completed and the league and Champions League ladders are starting to take form. In fact we've called the Super League already, the Champions League is starting to heat up. Could we see some trades happening over the next couple of weeks, especially seeing that a couple of teams that have a "ruck situation".    [+]

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