Join the Revolution ... Draft Your Team, Pick Your Team, Win the League. Can you go back-to-back?

Original League



Round 10:   Second Coming of the Titans Post Draft?

Will the Heroes or Titans be able to get any closer to the top scoring teams after their refit? Will the Dingoes and Saints wins which propelled them up the ladder and down the draft order, come back to bite them as Natas and the Scorpions   ...   [Live Scores]

Super League

Round 10:   Brawlers Swing The Axe

Could the pressure be showing on the manager of the Brawlers, Bill Ta? As the selection committee has taken the axe to the starting lineup. This week we see a cleanout of the non performing players with 6 players coming in. The huge game of the week, once again, is the Warriors vs Marvels - can Dan reverse the result from last weeks shoot out?   ...   [Live Scores]


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