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Monday Evening Hack…

By virtue of geography and preoccupation, the usual translation of your near randomly selected football players which generate numbers into results subsequently skilfully woven into narrative by myself, will not find publication possible until Monday evenings.

Given most of you will have well and truly swallowed, digested and assimilated said results by such time, it is only proper that I not insult you with what could thus only be described as delayed regurgitation. Rather, for this year only, I’ll be offering a more candid appraisal of what has gone before, and what might become of us. I’ve titled this the “Monday Evening Hack…” with all the ambiguity of that final word fully intended, and hopefully imbuing what follows with all the earnestness of the resultant acronym.

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Episode 103:  Titans Need To Tighten Up
This week we talk about the fast approaching trade deadline and also talk about when making changes to your team during the round. There were some interesting results this week, Cam Baker's teams (Natas and Nexus) showed everyone what they can do, setting the highest scores in both league. There were some close games in the Original League but on a whole the scores were lower than expected.    [+]

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