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Original League



Round 6:   Flames To Take The Touch To Scorpions

The Flames will take on the Scorpions as the two 3-2 teams with Premiership ambitions face off. There will also be a chance for one of the Baker brothers to bounce back while the other sinks as another chapter is added to the bitter Doozers-Natas rivalry.  ...   [Live Scores]

Super League

Round 6:   Sons and Hangers Look To For A W

The Phamtoms and Brawlers suddenly find themselves out of the five this week and will now face the Convicts and Marvels respectively as they try to get back in - good luck! Meanwhile the Slugs and Warriors will continue to try and keep pace with the leading pair as they play the winless Hangers and Sons.   ...   [Live Scores]


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Last Updated:   Friday, 29 April 2016 06:39 PM