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Original League



Defending Champ Doozers Like A Freight Train

As the Chargers and Dingoes cling to their top three spots with economical wins and the Blue Flames continue to struggle to find answers to their desperate form slide, it is the Grand Finalists of 2014 who are peaking at the right time, and no one is looking more impressive than the Deadly Doozers ...   more

Super League

Convicts Blitz Marvels As Finals Race Gets Hot

A week ago we declared the top three decided, but after the Convicts and Brawlers humbled the Marvels and Phamtoms respectively, and the Coat Hangers and Saints notched their own wins, suddenly it seems like everyone wants a slice of August action  ...   more


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Last Updated:   Sunday, 05 July 2015 10:43 PM